How to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) 2016 on all android devices (Easy method)

Download Tools Bypass FRP :

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Guide frp bypass Google account deleted all Samsung devices – Security May 08/2016

Method to FRP Unlock Your device Remotely (Paid)

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Unlock Time: 15 minutes

All Samsung devices Supported

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Unlock Device Now

  • Plug the phone to the computer using a USB cable

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  • Conduct setup on your phone, and then to step wireless connection ask Google account password, then it stops. Insert SIM MACHINE !!!
  • Open RealTerm on the computer, the ” Display” area select “HALF DUPLEX”
  • Open Devices Manager to open the Modem will see SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem
  • Right click select ” Properties”, select the tab “Modem” then view port isCOM few (for example mine is COM4 always offline!)
  • Back RealTerm, open the tab ” Port” type the number of COM ports (for example, type 12 to COM12) and click ” Change”
  • Switch to tab ” Send”, send the following command in turn 2, finished typing press ” Send ASCII”




  • The screen will show up call, end a call queue quickly press ” Add Phonebook”
  • Scroll down and select ” SCAN CARD” will hit the download version onthe Samsung Store , find information about the ” ES File Explorer”
  • If Samsung is asked to enter your account, no, the press created a new account
  • Wait finished loading ES File Explorer click open up always
  • In ES File Explorer, right click menu select ” Favorites” and then press“Add”

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  • Add finished reopen the ” Favorites” to open the newly added, it will open to this topic, and then you press the download file -1.0.apk BypassFRPtopic at the top of the machine

  • Open the installer file -1.0.apk BypassFRP, then press the menu button to open up the upper right corner 3 dots select ” Login Browser
  • Post a Google account any of you in, login is complete, restart the phone
  • It will report added the account, press setup on the inside as usual. Done!

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  1. My phone its has no browns and sing in evev if I press option it do nothing so wat mast I do please help I forgot my google account for mobicel trendy android 6.0

  2. i have varizon galaxy note 5.i bought it some one.but it was locked by his google he died.i dont know what is his google account.if i sent “” at+creg?\r\n”” then phone shows ERROR

    .if send””’ atd198;\r\n””’then phone shows NO DIALTONE

    1. – Go to messages instant.
      – Type your email in messages and send.
      – Click on email you sent and press and hold gmail icon.
      – Go to notifications
      – More settings
      – Click on three dots right upper corner and choose manage accounts, continue.

      This will take you to settings, you know what to do next.

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