Activate Windows 11 All Versions [ Easy Method ]

Windows 11 the newest version and definitely one of the best that Microsoft has released. Since the first use of Windows 11 we can notice quite good features that come with this release.

Windows 11 features start with the clean design of it, the start menu centered and taskbar. It has also upgraded widgets and integrated Android Apps via Amazon AppStore.  This version has also Microsoft Teams Integration, better virtual desktop support, Xbox tech for better gaming, easier transition from monitor to laptop, multiple desktops, multitasking etc.

This article is about easily activating Windows 11 without needing any software.

To get started, create a folder on your desktop with any name. I am going to name it “Albviral” and then you need to exclude this folder from defender.

Figure 1. Creating a folder on desktop and excluding from defender

Step 2 – Copy the script below, paste it on notepad and save it as Albviral.cmd file on the folder we just created on step 1. (As extension you need to remove and leave it as “all files”)

Click here to get the code! – SCRIPT 1

Click here to get the code! – SCRIPT 2

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Final step, run “As Administrator” the file you saved on previous step and just wait for magic!

Video Instructions! – Method 1

Video Instructions! – Method 2

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